Joshua 1:9 This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

Are you fearful of taking a step of faith? I was, but this blog is actually a BIG step of faith for me. Writing for God is something that I have been running away from for years, literally, YEARS!

I thought about it, I planned it, I left it, I came back to it, I lost my nerve and finally turned my back on all of it. Then, God directly intervened and changed my world.

I had run away from writing for God’s glory and after the passage of time and my apparent loss of purpose I was suffering in my spirit. I prayed that God would direct my steps and show me what He desired for me.

He answered my prayer in a hysterically bold fashion. I was Storytelling for my local church Sunday school program and we had a message for the month which focused on being courageous even in fearful circumstances. The verse above was our verse for the month. So, I was sharing bible stories each week about people that stood up to fear and were courageous because they knew God was by their side.

It is difficult to teach that message week after week and not allow it to soak into your heart. Yet, my heart was hardened with fear and thus I continued to feel lost and I continued to pray for guidance. 

Then, suddenly in the video portion of our Sunday school story, the actress spoke about overcoming her fear and finally choosing to start her blog. I was shell shocked, I had been praying about whether or not I should start a blog and God answered me in this extremely personal way. 

Evidently, I can be rather stubborn and God needed to make it as plain as day for me. His words struck me to the core as there was absolutely NO way I could ignore or dismiss that direct answer to my prayer.

It was clear that it was time for me to stop running in fear and start walking in obedience. So, here I am, writing for His glory.

I’m honestly not at all sure where He will direct my steps from here but I am choosing to be courageous because I know He will always be with me, wherever I go. With that nugget of truth in my spirit, how could I not take the first step in His direction? 
Is there something that God has been asking you to step out in faith and do for Him? If that question awakens a nudge in your spirit or tweaks a feeling in your stomach then I encourage you to step up and step out in faith. After all, He will be with you wherever you go, so how can you lose? 

God will walk every step with you and if you are walking with Him, you can be confident you moving in the right direction. So, accept and memorize the above verse and start living out your life facing down your fears with a heart filled with courage. In fact, there is no better time to Be Courageous – than Right Now!