The other day, I heard a radio DJ on KLove quote the verse of the day from Romans 8:31 “If God is for us, who can be against us?”

I thought about that verse and it brought me great comfort. Truly, if the God of ALL CREATION is on my side, WHO can be against me? I ask you the same question, If God is on YOUR side, WHO can be against you?

Short answer: NO ONE.

Long answer: Only those we ALLOW to rise against us.

That “long answer” statement may not make sense to you, but it does to me and here is why. God made every single thing in this world and in all existence. That type of power cannot be easily dismissed. If God can make everything in creation, it means He is above ALL things. Therefore, no one is greater than He is, period.

Where I fall down is in the remembering of that FACT. I often stare down at what I am struggling with instead of lifting my face and my heart to God. I forget to look to Him, who is the author of my existence and has endless power at His disposal.

When I forget that fact and am down laden with troubles it helps me to get out in nature. I happen to live in one of the beautiful places in the world, the Columbia River Gorge. It only takes me a moment out in nature to realign my mind with God’s heart and His power. As I look at the stunning beauty He has created, it reminds me absolutely nothing that is rising against me is out of His control. I merely need to let go of my perceived control in order to feel His peace. It’s sort of like this:

Imagine you belong to a sports team and one of your teammates is the fastest, strongest, most strategic, injury proof, inexhaustible player in existence. Is there any way you can lose with them on your side? Of course not! Well, our lives are like that team with the Awesome Player on our side. Well more accurately perhaps, that scenario times infinity because our Awesome Player is God, after all.

So, there is NOTHING in this world that can be stronger than God and that means that there is NOTHING in this world that can be against you because you belong to God. You may have situations that arise with angry or awful people that make you feel defeated, but don’t let your feelings override the facts. Even though you cannot see the light at the end of tunnel it does not mean it is not there. I often remind myself, and others, that “If it’s not good yet, God’s not done yet.”

That may seem cliche but it is true. I can look back at difficult situations in my past and see His hand was always at play for my best. It reminds me that God plays the Long Game and He always has my best interest at heart. While you and I may be in painful temporary circumstances, I know He will bring it around for our good and His ultimate Glory.

So, my challenge to you is to take a sincere look at what you “feel” is against you. Then, compare whatever it is to God and His power and be comforted that He Wins, Always and Forever, PERIOD!