Have you been struggling lately? I know I have and, for reasons I know and some that I can’t even guess, I have shed many tears and experienced anxiety at a level that makes my chest physically hurt.

Well, wouldn’t you know it that the last few days God has reached out DIRECTLY to my heart in numerous little ways. It’s almost as if God has been following me around, just waiting to have the opportunity to give me a “kiss from the King” or send me a “sacred-echo” to let me know He is with me. Which is pretty much exactly what He does all the time whether we choose to recognize it or not. Well, of course, His little “love notes” have filled my spirit and directed my eyes back up to Him and His love for me and as a result my days are suddenly brighter.

It is almost laughable how God directly intervenes in our lives, isn’t it? It really makes you think – Who are we that He should be mindful of us? I’ll tell you who we are – we are His precious, beloved children. He loved us so much that He sent His only Son to die a horrific death in our place, which just happens to be the event we are preparing to recognize, remember and celebrate this weekend.

As we walk through Maundy Thursday leading to Good Friday and culminating on Easter Sunday we focus on the foundation and saving Grace of the Christian Faith. It is only because this event happened that we can be in direct relationship with God. It is over the shedding of the innocent blood of Jesus that we are forgiven and set free to live our lives in appreciation of that gift, sharing it with others that God places in our paths.

We often focus solely on Jesus and His walk to the cross but have you ever thought about what God the Father experienced? Just because He ordained and knew how this was going to end, doesn’t mean He didn’t feel the loss and pain. We can’t possibly understand the pain that God went through by witnessing the brutal death of His Only Son. He experienced all that sorrow even though He knew Jesus would be raised again. In the same way, Jesus endured the pain of the WHOLE WORLD’S SIN – that type of pain is unfathomable to us.

So, if we think God does not understand the pain we go through every day, we are sorely mistaken. God gets us, He really does understand us and Jesus does as well because He lived through 33 years of this dark world’s pain finishing by suffering the worst death imaginable. Our God has lived it – ALL of it and He loved us enough to sacrifice His life for us so we may live in freedom.

The key to all of this is what happened after all of the pain and suffering and death. HE AROSE FROM THE DEAD!!!! That is the key – that is the final note of the song of suffering – the note of VICTORY! Because He lives, we are assured of the eternal life that is to come. Because He lives, we can face anything this world throws at us with peace and grace. Because He lives, we are assured that our loved ones who have died in Christ are now alive with God in His glorious presence. This especially gives me great comfort at Easter – to KNOW that my dad and my grandpa and many other loved ones who have died are now with God celebrating Easter. Can you imagine the glorious party in Heaven during this Resurrection weekend?? We think our family gatherings are fun – how about angelic music playing, angels singing and millions of believers dancing? Wow – a comforting & awesome picture indeed!

With the image of the Heavenly Party happening we can more fully enjoy celebrating the miracle of the Resurrection of Jesus here on Earth. We can choose to rejoice together for we know that these momentary troubles are nothing compared to the Blessings to come and to the Almighty Power and Glory of our God!

May the full value of this gift of grace take root in your heart this weekend and give you peace beyond measure. I wish you a LOVE filled RESURRECTION weekend!!

The verse that says it all:

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.