Are you upset by change or do you roll with changes and think change-smange? Regardless of how you feel about change, the constantly changing state of the world or even our country’s government may have your heart and spirit wrapped up in knots. But hold fast, in the midst of everything, one thing never changes, GOD.

“God is Immutable. All that God is, He has always been. All that He has been and is, He will ever be. He is ever perfect and unchanging.”

The words in green above are from the Navigators guide called 30 Days of Praying the Names and Attributes of God. I have been blogging a Getting to Know God series using their guide. Today’s blog corresponds with the ninth entry on their guide; God is Immutable.

First, I thought it would help to get the definition of Immutable since we don’t often use that word. The definition is:

im·mu·ta·ble – i(m)ˈmyo͞odəb(ə)l/
adjective: immutable
– unchanging over time or unable to be changed ” an immutable fact”
– synonyms: fixed, set, rigid, inflexible, permanent, established, carved in stone; unchanging, unchanged, unvarying, unvaried, static, constant, lasting, enduring, steadfast “the subtext of the liturgy had always been God’s immutable power”

OK, so I think we get the point of this name of God. Look at the definition and plug in “God is…” before each synonym. My favorite when I do that is “God is carved in stone”, I don’t think you can get more immutable than that!

The bottom line is: God has not changed, God does not change and God is NOT GOING TO CHANGE! So, what does that mean to us? Well, to me, it means that He will always be there, He will always be faithful, He will always forgive my wrongs (when asked with a contrite heart), and most of all that He will always LOVE me. What is more is that God has ALWAYS been all these things, He has loved each of us from the foundation of the world and He will love us our entire lives and throughout eternity.

I don’t know about you, but that gives me great peace. I have struggled for many years with the thought of God loving me in the first place, but now that I have firm belief that He does, His immutability assures me that NOTHING I can do – or have done – can ever take that love away from me. Regardless of how I feel, He will always love me. If I feel alone, He is and always will be there for me, regardless of how I think He feels.

The words “I think” bring up an important point. We often, as humans, attribute many human failings and attributes to God. We often overthink about what God “thinks.” We attribute all sorts of negative traits to God because we are unable to wrap our heads around the fact that He is beyond our understanding. Just the fact alone that God is Unchanging, fully indicates we can’t assume or fill-in His thoughts based on our human interaction. Have you ever met someone who is unchanging? Sure, maybe someone has unchanging opinions, but we are talking about unchanging to the deepest depth of being. There is not a living part of creation that is unchanging, just God. So remember, God is good and He always has been good and will always be good.

The verses cited on the guide today are Psalm 102:25-28 (TLB) and they are a good reminder of God’s unchanging nature.

In ages past you laid the foundations of the earth and made the heavens with your hands! They shall perish, but you go on forever. They will grow old like worn-out clothing, and you will change them like a man putting on a new shirt and throwing away the old one! But you yourself never grow old. You are forever, and your years never end.  “But our families will continue; generation after generation will be preserved by your protection.”

I challenge you today to think about, how you think about God. Do you see Him as an angry father, a disappointed parent or even a parent that has abandoned you and turned their back on you? God is none of those things and if you have set your mind on seeing Him in that way, you have unknowingly built walls to keep yourself “safe” from His anger or disappointment or to keep you “safe” from His abandonment.

Let the fact that God Does Not Change, change your heart and your mind so you can trust in Him and break down those walls. God is Love (see You. Are. Loved.) and God is Immutable, may those facts seep into the deepest depth of your soul and transform your relationship with Him.

Enjoy your journey of change!