For many years I thought I was hiding things from God. I thought I was hiding my misdeeds and my ugly thoughts. To think back to that time in my life now is hilarious to me. I can’t believe I ever thought I was hiding things from the Creator of all things. What are you attempting to hide from God? God knows ALL – read on to hear more about what He knows about you.

This blog is one in a journey of a Getting to Know God series. The names and attributes of God are adapted from a guide on the Navigators website called 30 Days of Praying the Names and Attributes of God. Today’s blog corresponds with Day 15 – God is Omniscient.

The Navigators’ Guide says this: “God is Omniscient. This means God is all-knowing. God’s knowledge encompasses every possible thing that exists, has ever existed, or will ever exist. Nothing is a mystery to Him.”

Our verses today are:

Psalm 139:1-6 (MSG)

God, investigate my life; get all the facts firsthand.
I’m an open book to you; even from a distance, you know what I’m thinking.
You know when I leave and when I get back; I’m never out of your sight.
You know everything I’m going to say before I start the first sentence.
I look behind me and you’re there, then up ahead and you’re there, too—
your reassuring presence, coming and going.
This is too much, too wonderful—I can’t take it all in!

I chose The Message translation of the Bible verses because I liked how it made this day’s trait of God EXTREMELY clear. God knows everything, period. Does that terrify you? There was a time in my life when it terrified me. I knew God knew all the bad things I had done and what an awful person I was as a result of all my poor choices. The thought that He KNEW all of that made me feel unworthy of His love, it sank me into deep depression and I believed that God did not love me, resulting in a deep hate for myself as well.


There is no other way to say that but the straight up truth. God did and does indeed know every deep, dirty awful deed I have ever done. He even knows the ones I have thought about doing but did not do (by His grace). Where I was wrong is in thinking that anything I did, or could do, could ever change His mind about me. He loves me and honestly because of the many evil choices I made in my past He has offered me more grace to cover those sins. Where sin abounded – grace abounded all the more!

If you read those passages above again, do you see where the WONDERFUL fact is of God being omniscient? The wonderful fact is that God knows everything and we cannot get away from Him, nor does He want us away from Him even for a split second. No matter what we have thought or done or left undone, Jesus paid the price for it all on the cross. That is wonderful!

You know that old hurt that you are “hiding” from God? Well, He knows all about it. Talk to Him about it and let Him heal you.

You know that one horrible thing you did that you are “hiding” from God (and everyone else)? God knows what you did, bring your grief from your sin to Him and seek His forgiveness and healing.

Bottom line is this. If we (or anything else in all creation) has ever thought it, done it or left it undone, God knows about it. None of it changes His mind about us, it just deepens the grace He offers to us.

I encourage you to take what you think you might be hiding from God straight to the cross. Lay it at His feet and let Him show you the way to healing.

Here is a midway recap of our Getting To Know God series so far, if you missed a posting or want to know more about how great God is, follow the link that speaks to your heart about what you need to KNOW about God.

God is the only independent self complete being – He is the I AM WHO I AM.
God sanctifies us.
God is infinite.
God is omnipotent.
God is good.
God is love.
God provides.
God is peace.
God is immutable.
God is transcendent.
God is just.
God is holy.
God heals.
God is self-sufficient.
God is omniscient.

Wow?!?! God is really something, isn’t He?!?!

Blessings and love,