Do you know WHOSE you are, dear ones? I mean, really, truly, WHOSE you are? You belong to God, you are His beloved child. You don’t belong to this world or its trappings. You don’t belong to people in your life, you don’t belong to the pain you feel or the suffering you are going through or have endured in the past. You are a beloved child and BELONG to the One and Only – All Powerful – All Loving – All Holy God.

I John 3:1-2a (TPT) Look with wonder at the depth of the Father’s marvelous love that He has lavished on us! He has called us and made us His very own beloved children. The reason the world doesn’t recognize who we are is that they didn’t recognize Him. Beloved, we are God’s children right now.

What does that mean? That means that everything you experience needs to be filtered through His Heart and His Thoughts about you. That means that everything you do and say in life needs to be with your Great Abba Father in mind. Did that convict you? Did you instantly feel a poke that you are looking at a situation through your eyes and thoughts or that you are doing or saying things that don’t reflect your belonging to God? Good!

I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, actually, check that, I DO want to make you uncomfortable because it is in that uncomfortable place that you will turn to God for a fresh perspective on a situation or a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit to overtake your thoughts, words and actions. Ask Holy Spirit to come into you in His Fullness, ask that He overtake your every thought, word and deed so that God may Shine to you, then shine through you.

You belong to God. You are His Beloved child. You are His prisoner of love! You cannot run forever from His love, you cannot hide forever from His Love. He will outlast you and outwit you with His persistent love. His Fatherly love knows no bounds and because you belong to Him He will chase you forever and ever. Please allow yourself to be caught up in His Unconditional Love and Soak in His Strength so you may be renewed in your heart and mind. That renewal of your heart and mind will give you Strength and Wisdom to live every day as if you belong to Him and Only Him!

The phrase “Prisoner of Love” is mentioned in this excerpt from Song of Songs below and it lights a fire in me like nothing ever has. When I see myself as a Prisoner of Love to God NOTHING can steal that from me. I am IN His Love and Locked into His Heart and that gives amazing comfort and strength for my walk in this world. I pray this Word from your Abba Father lights an unquenchable fire in your heart as well:

Song of Songs 8: 5-7 (TPT) Who is this one? Look at her now!
She arises out of her desert, clinging to her beloved.
When I awakened you under the apple tree,
as you were feasting upon me,
I awakened your innermost being with the travail of birth
as you longed for more of me.
Fasten me upon your heart as a seal of fire forevermore.
This living, consuming flame
will seal you as my prisoner of love.
My passion is stronger
than the chains of death and the grave,
all consuming as the very flashes of fire
from the burning heart of God.
Place this fierce, unrelenting fire over your entire being.
Rivers of pain and persecution
will never extinguish this flame.
Endless floods will be unable
to quench this raging fire that burns within you.
Everything will be consumed.
It will stop at nothing
as you yield everything to this furious fire
until it won’t even seem to you like a sacrifice anymore.

Lord, I pray that everyone who reads Your Words would experience a Fresh Filling of the Holy Spirit. I pray that Your Fire would burn within each of them and be released into their spirits in a new and powerful way. Lord, may the knowledge that they are Your Beloved Children and Prisoners of Your Love fortify them with new strength and a strong desire to draw nearer and nearer to You. Thank You Lord for Your Love, Your Peace and Your Strength. May every part of You fill them to overflowing so they may shine in this world and point others to Your Heart. I pray in the Powerful Name of Jesus, Amen!

Blessings and Love to you – My fellow Prisoners!


A sunset at the Oregon Coast – hand-painted especially for you by God because you are His Beloved Child.