Do you wonder where your wonder went? We live in a fast paced culture where anything we want to know can be researched at the touch of a few buttons. The “great and powerful” Googley-moogley can tell you the answers to any question you ask (sounds to me like the “great and powerful Wizard of Oz”). Actually, you don’t even have to take the time to type anymore, you can simply ask Siri or ask Alexis or ask whoever your computer friend may be. I believe this has caused a deep lack of wonder in our lives. How often do you pause to watch nature or even just to inspect its awesome beauty?

I did this the other day. I sat on a front stoop in the sun and noticed a little spider, no bigger than half a pea, starting to connect some long webs. As I watched, I saw that he was building a web. So, I choose to watch in wonder and I was not disappointed. He was

This little guy was hard at work…

meticulous in execution of his web engineering, even with a breeze trying to fuddle his work. He just kept on faithfully spinning his web. He started with the main “connectors” that allowed his web to be suspended in the air, then he built additional supports, then additional cross supports ultimately completing his task and coming to rest in the middle, awaiting a snack to enter his beautiful artwork.

Watching this wonder took exactly half an hour, to the second. It was a delight and lifted my heart and spirit to watch in wonder as this minuscule creature did what it was made to do. He didn’t fret that I was watching. He didn’t pause to make sure every single web connection was 100% perfect. He just worked both fervently and patiently to complete his task and I was blessed to witness this small miracle.

The wonder of my little friend’s hard work.

When is the last time you let wonder overtake your heart, mind and spirit and allow you to pause and soak-in what you were seeing? If you are reading this and struggling to remember when you last paused in wonder, my heart breaks for you. I pray that the awareness of your lack of wonder encourages you to open your eyes and SEARCH for it. You don’t have to look far, you could even just go look in a mirror because YOU are wonder that God has created. If mirror gazing doesn’t appeal to you, don’t fret. God has designed this entire universe and He has billions – more likely trillions – or actually gazillions (is that even a number?) of wonders for you to take in. He is delighted when you stop to delight in Him and His Glory which He so readily displays for you.

I encourage you to look for the wonder today. Drop your device and walk outside and spend time inspecting a flower, watching birds in flight or bees buzzing about. One of my favorite Wonders is watching clouds and the shapes they make. Whatever you choose to do, do it with wonder. Do it with the kind of wonder that helps you recognize God in it. Don’t ask Google how flowers bloom or why bees do what they do. Rather, just watch in wonder and wonder. Quiet your spirit and listen for God to speak into that place of wonder, then revel in it!

Psalm 8:3a Look at the splendor of your skies, your creative genius glowing in the heavens. When I gaze at your moon and your stars, mounted like jewels in their settings,
I know you are the fascinating artist who fashioned it all!

Dear Beloved Child of God, I pray you take the time to Find Wonder because I know that when you find Wonder, you will find the Creator of the Wonder and draw a little closer to His Heart.

Blessings and love to you!