So, I happen to know, firsthand, that God sends love letters. How can I claim that? Well, He sent one to my best friend and went to a great deal of trouble to make sure she KNEW it was from Him.

Here is the story…

First it starts with my bestie. She has been on a journey with God to grow to really know her identity in Him. She has been spending a great deal of quiet time with her ABBA Father and is soaking in everything He says about her. That said, past wounds from our lives can drown out the Truth of who God says we are and because a few remnants remained, God took special care to let her know how He feels about her with a personal love letter. Here is how He delivered it to her.

Deb, one of our Chara Sisters (a wonderful group of godly women that have walked alongside us for years) was in Hawaii on vacation. She saw a church that spiked her interest and decided to check it out that Sunday. After church a stranger approached Deb and said she felt like God was directing her to pray for her. She graciously allowed her to pray and reported to us that it was an amazingly “spot-on” prayer, exactly what she needed on that day.

After that prayer Deb told this unknown woman that she reminded her of a friend back home, named Jessica. The women’s face lit up and she said she had a note from “Daddy” for Jessica. She dug in her purse and handed the note (already written and addressed to Jessica) to Deb. When Deb shared it with us it blew our minds! Here is the actual note:



In case you can’t read the words in the pictures, here is what the note says:

“Jessica, You have a kind and honest heart. You are willing to admit wrongs and that’s hard, but God wants to show you all the good things about you too. You have a personality that brings people together. You have a calming, relaxing, understanding spirit and a secret quiet strength that not everyone knows about. You are humble and selfless. God wants to be your strength because you don’t need to carry everything on your own. No one can. You are so special to God and those around you.

Now, you don’t know my friend Jessica, but let me assure you this 100% describes her and is exactly the Word she needed to receive from God at this time in her life. I see God’s hand at work in making sure Jessica is aware of how deeply she is loved by Him. A note like this from one of her friends or family or church family or even from one of our Chara Sisters would have been special but I think it would have been much too ordinary for the point God wanted to make.

He wanted to give her this love note through extraordinary means so it couldn’t easily be dismissed by our earthly explanations or reasoning. You may balk at that but just think of the incredible alignment that had to take place to get God’s love note to Jessica’s hand:

1. Deb had to be in Hawaii on vacation at that time.

2. Deb had to choose to go to that church on that particular Sunday. (amazing, especially considering she goes to Hawaii annually and had never gone to that church before)

3. This complete stranger had to approach Deb upon being led to pray for her. (a sometimes intimidating prospect)

4. Deb had to allow that prayer (often we pass on such offers for prayer, especially from strangers)

5. Deb had to mention Jessica to this stranger. (what are the odds she would mention Jessica to this random person in passing?)

6. Prior to that moment, the stranger was faithful to write the message from Daddy to Jessica AND to carry it with her until she found the Jessica for which the note was intended.

Yep, Wow! I’m convinced, encouraged and thrilled! This note is a Divine Love Letter from Above and it encouraged Jessica’s spirit, and still does today, when she rereads it and pauses to reflect upon the depth of the entire experience.

Jessica is beyond grateful for her love letter from God and, if I’m 100% honest, I’d have to admit I’m a bit envious of this precious note. But then my spirit immediately highlights how many ways God speaks His Deep Love to me each and every day through direct messages and I remember I am loved beyond measure, physical note or not. 🙂

The thing is, God sent all of us a Love Letter and we celebrate Him every December. Jesus is the best love letter ever written, well and above anything we could ask or imagine. In John 1:1 we read:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

This “Word” is Jesus. He is our direct Love Letter from God. I really like note from The Passion Translation on this verse:

The Greek is logos, which has a rich and varied background in both Greek philosophy and Judaism. The Greeks equated logos with the highest principle of cosmic order. God’s logos in the Old Testament is his powerful self-expression in creation, revelation, and redemption. In the New Testament we have this new unique view of God given to us by John, which signifies the presence of God himself in the flesh. Some have translated this rich term as “Word.” It could also be translated “Message” or “Blueprint.” Jesus Christ is the eternal Word, the creative Word, and the Word made visible. He is the divine self-expression of all that God is, contains, and reveals in incarnated flesh. Just as we express ourselves in words, God has perfectly expressed himself in Christ.

In summary, Jesus is our Love Letter in the Flesh. If you want to know what God thinks of you, look to Jesus. <<Spoiler Alert!>> He loves you.

He doesn’t require you to be perfect before He will Love you. Instead, He pours His love lavishly upon you. In His days walking on earth, Jesus hung out with what the Pharisees and Religious Leaders saw as the “dregs” of society. He hung with the Tax Collectors, the Women of ill repute, the lepers and all the other so-called “unclean”. He fully loved each and every one of them and that love transformed their lives. He wants to do the same for you today. If you doubt that, ask yourself, “Why would He behave differently now?” Answer: He wouldn’t.

If you don’t see that yet, I encourage you to spend some time “reading” your love letter from above. It’s easy, because He is IN you and you only need to be quiet to get into “reading” mode. Let Jesus penetrate your heart, mind and spirit and you will NEVER be the same! Allow Him full access to your heart and let Him be God’s Love Letter to you!

Jesus really is your Love Letter from God. Not only that, Jesus IS God and He Loves you so much He chose to die to reconcile you to Himself. He was never running FROM you, He was and always has been running TO you. Stop thinking you have to work for His Love or be perfect, or be dutiful or be…? Instead choose to Just Live In His Love and realize that He is In YOU!!

Who knows, maybe someday God will send you a paper love letter too! But, even if that never happens, you already have the best Love Letter ever written and it won’t fade, or wrinkle or be lost. Jesus will always be with you and that trumps good ol’ fashioned paper, any day!

I Love you Dear Child of God, and pray that you Truly Realize that God loves you more than you could ever, ever, EVER imagine!!

Blessings and Love,