Have you ever thought about that, don’t believe everything you think? I know we are told not to believe everything we read/watch/hear and considering our media outlets, social media and internet fueled world I believe that is sound advice. However, I’d like to take that a step further – into your heart and mind – and tell you that you definitely should NOT believe everything you think.

These days anyone’s errant thoughts can be tossed out in the wind of technology and you can easily stumble across them. When you stumble across someone else’s thought, it is easy to take a moment and choose whether to believe it, or not. It is infinitely more difficult, however, to grab your own errant thoughts and make a conscience choice whether to believe them or not.

That may not make sense to you, but taking notice of our thoughts it is an absolutely necessary part of living in this world. The lack of power to control our thoughts, and therefore our typing and speaking rears its ugly head on a daily basis. Let me explain myself a bit more.

I hear voices and I know you hear voices too. This does not make us “crazy” nor does it make us unique. Everyone hears voices in their minds. In fact, in my experience, I believe you have three different voices influencing your thoughts. Therefore choosing which voice to listen to, or perhaps more importantly, which voices to ignore can make all the difference.

Within your mind, you can hear multiple voices. You can hear the voice of your own flesh, you can hear the voice of the enemy of your soul and you can hear the still small voice of your Creator and God. The object is to discern which voice proposed the thought to you, then choose whether to agree with that proposed thought, or toss it out as rotten garbage. With a little training, you can silence the voice of your flesh and the enemy, listening only to the Always Loving voice of your Creator and God.

For example, for years, and I mean many, many, many (did I say MANY?!) years, I repeated the following statements to myself, in my mind, believing they were my thoughts and taking them in as Ultimate Truth:

I am ugly

I am lazy

I am stupid

I am worthless

I am unlovable

Whew and Ouch! Painful stuff to reread. It’s hard admitting I took every single one of those thoughts to heart. I agreed with them and accepted them as 100% truth. As a result, I walked in utter depression and darkness. It wasn’t until I was alerted to the fact that every thought I “heard” was not my own that I began to realize those were not MY thoughts. They were planted by the enemy of my soul, intended to keep me down, keep me self-focused (through self-hatred) and keep me away from God. They sounded like my voice (after all Satan is the great imitator) so I accepted them as my own. Only when I began to realize they were lies and chose to battle to refute, rebuke and release them from my mind did my healing journey begin.

That is the Key. Recognizing the FACT that those were not my own thoughts helped me start turning those thoughts away and speaking the truth back at them to silence them forever. Do you know what you think? Can you discern if they are truly Your Thoughts? Do yourself a favor and take a moment to think about it. You may not know Jesus, but I guarantee you if your thoughts about yourself are derogatory in nature, those are NOT God’s thoughts about you. They are thoughts, designed by the enemy of your soul to keep you down and keep you from shining in this world. Those negative thoughts are designed to keep you silent in a world that needs your voice and your love to help it continue.

Change your thoughts,

Change your world.

If you don’t believe me, please take the time and try to identify your inner thoughts for one day, even for half of a day and let me know how it goes. Listen to see if you are kind to yourself or judge yourself harshly. Then, once you’ve stopped to pay attention, start changing the narrative. Speak kindly to yourself, say positive things about Who You Are and feel the difference.

It WILL change your WORLD and I guarantee it, period. Take the time to take that first step and walk this out with me, and hold tight with that new found knowledge, knowing there is more to come along this thread….

Proverbs 23:7 (TPT)

For as he thinks within himself, so is he

Wonder what this little guy thinks…?

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