My hubby and I were streaming a “cover song” station the other day. It struck me how a song, even with the exact same lyrics, can be so very different when the style of the music is changed. For example, if you are familiar with The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats its a funky song with a beat you can dance to. (HA, shout out to American Bandstand with Dick Clark!) But, a version of that song came on the stream and it was more like a lullaby. Same lyrics, different tune and a TOTALLY different feeling emoted from listening to it. To see what I mean, check out the first link (if you’re not old enough to remember – or have never heard it – or need a refresher) then click this version of The Safety Dance by Sleeping at Last to compare. That IS really something, huh??

Now, why am I sharing this revelation with you? Because I want you to know that YOU, my friend, are a song! You are made in the image of God. You were made to reflect His Love to this world through you, as YOU! That is an assignment uniquely made for your unique self. No one else can be the song you are supposed to be. No one else can play it quite like you, so Be You and Let It Play!

Perhaps you don’t catch my drift and think my mind is playing a song you can’t dance to, but hang in here and walk it out with me – or perhaps better said, “dance it out” with me, LOL! 😉

We are told in the Bible that we are unique creations made in God’s image. We see in SO many places the uniqueness of our forefathers and how God used their uniqueness to reach the World. As a quick example think of John the Baptist…this is what the Bible says about his “uniqueness”:

His clothes were woven from coarse camel hair, and he wore a leather belt around his waist. For food he ate locusts and wild honey. – Mark 1:6

Umm, OK a guy who eats locusts and wild honey and wore coarse camel hair clothes…? Sounds a bit off…even for Bible times. BUT – he declared the coming of Jesus. In fact, he did it so vehemently that folks traveled for many miles to listen to him and be baptized by him. His song was one that he played to the best of his ability and the world came running to listen. Now, I know his life didn’t end well, but that honestly pales in comparison of the impact his days had on this world.

If John would have given into the “the flack” he received – don’t think he didn’t receive any flack – and changed who he was, the world would be a different place. Many people living at that time would not have met Jesus while He was still living. Heck, some of Jesus’ direct disciples hunted Him down to follow Him because of who John said He was because he said it with such emphasis. WOW, gotta say that was a song well played!

I guess these thoughts are hitting harder lately as I am walking out a process of finding my tune. I am learning what my tune truly is/has been and am learning to play it without apology. I no longer need to hide the true me inside, but rather I need to step into who I fully am and just run with it. That is the path of Trust and that is the path of True Love and True Joy.

I am, and you are too, a song written by God. Each of us has a unique tune, but we all share the same lyrics. Those lyrics are LOVE – because God is Love. He wrote love in each of our DNA to play out to reach those in our own unique circles. Your love may not look/sound like my love and that’s OK. It is not supposed to look/sound the same. God didn’t create billions of clone people to act exactly the same and say things in the exact same way. How BORING would that be?? No, He created billions of people to bring His Light and His Love to billions of people, each in their own unique ways.

Sounds great – so what’s the problem? The difficulty is so many – SO SO SO SO SO many of us have lost our tune. Perhaps we have never even heard our unique tune. Hardships, pain and wounds from people have shut us down for so many years that our inner tune has been silenced. With so many tunes silenced – the world has sunk into horrible discord. Instead of people playing their unique and beautiful songs they have adjusted their tunes to be loud clanging cymbals trying to drown out the other music because they can’t handle it. Love is no longer the tune their hearts are playing but rather they have edited their tunes to play anger and hate instead. That is heart breaking to me, probably heart breaking to you too.

So, what shall we do? We shall go in for a tune up. Let’s go back to our Creator and get tuned back to our original song. The thing is our original songs of love are not gone, they DO exist! They might just need unearthing from under the gunk the world has dumped on them.

If we know anything in this world we know the best way to get something repaired is to take it back to the Manufacturer. If you have an iPhone – you don’t reach out to the Android Tech support to help you. Likewise, we are not of this world, so we cannot reach out to the world to help us. We need to take ourselves back to our Manufacturer for tech support. 😛 Truth told we don’t need “fixing” we just need revelation to discover our tune again and be refueled to play it.

The best part…? We don’t have to ship ourselves away, we don’t have to climb the highest peak to find our Manufacturer. We only need to Be Still. Our Manufacturer isn’t hidden behind phone trees, He made trees. So, stop running, stop playing your out of tune – tune, and listen for His voice and His Love. He will come and adjust the notes in your song.

When we come together and play our unique tunes of love, the resulting symphony will be something the world cannot deny.

The quandry…? Sometimes we need help to wade through the gunk and that is why its great to have brothers and sisters in Christ. Drawing near to our bro-s and sis-es can help unearth the notes that don’t belong in our song and help tune us back to our original song. If you don’t have those folks readily available, don’t fret, there are many resources to start tuning ya up, ya just gotta find ’em. For me, one Truly Divine Resource is Mike Maeshiro and Numa. Mike is a man of Wisdom and Truth so far beyond his years its overwhelming sometimes. But he knows how to play his tune to perfection and he plays it loud and proud without apology. If you feel like you cannot hear the Manufacturer’s voice, don’t fret, it is there, check out Mike’s resources for a good ear cleaning to hear it:

I am looking forward to spending the second half of my life playing the tune I was created to play. I hope you, where ever you are in your life, get tuned up and start playing along with me. When we come together and play our unique tunes of love, the resulting symphony will be something the world cannot deny. It will make them long for the the love and peace we have and then we can help them play their tunes, the way God intended.

Happy Tuning!

Love Ya!


Yep – this is me in a Blue Banana! I just gotta Be Me!