We are in a war, but the war has been won, so how can this be? Well, the Whole War has been won (as in “It Is Finished”) but because we live on a battlefield we have endured wounds in that war, we have infections and scars. Often we have festering wounds that need to be cleaned out – lest they turn us septic and destroy us from the inside.

The secret to all of this is that while our wounds are inside (admittedly sometimes spilling to the outside) the power to overcome, cleanout and heal those wounds also comes from the inside. Holy Spirit wants to war for us and He doesn’t wage war like we do. He wages war by giving us Wisdom and Revelation (W.A.R.). Yep, I said giving us Wisdom and Revelation. We don’t have to work for it, we don’t have to strive to bring it to pass. The secret of receiving this gift of W.A.R is to stop, press pause and just be at rest in the presence of God. The more we rest in Him, the more heavy lifting He does.

It makes no sense – I understand that this is not understandable – but that is what makes it so unique and beautiful! It looks different for each of us. Just as varied as all of our lives have been, our healing journeys are just as varied. Even within each of our healing journeys we will experience a wide variety of deliverance. I have found, in my life, that sometimes profound healing and truth has come from a simple step of forgiveness. While at other times a seemingly benign interaction/memory – or one I have chosen to disregard – is brought to mind and in a mess of tears and snot I see what Jesus sees, I see what the Father sees and I hear what Holy Spirit says about the memory and I am forever changed.

The thing about W.A.R. is that it is designed for each of us, just as the attacks were/are designed by the enemy of our souls, the Wisdom and Revelation and subsequent healing is designed to bring us past the hurt, through the wounds and to the other side of the river. The other side of the river is ironically a place where we are stronger and more dangerous than if we had never been wounded in the first place. God wastes nothing and while I certainly can’t explain why all the bad things happen in this world, I certainly can explain why God flips it for our good and His Glory…

L – – O – – V – – E!!

It’s all about love and when we truly learn to walk in His 100% unconditional love, we stand out. When we learn to love ourselves, we stand out. When we love others, unconditionally, we stand out. Then, people see us “standing out” of the crowd and won’t be able to keep from asking us “How can we love/live like that?” Then, we can answer – because of love. We love because He first loved us and if we need anything in this world right now, its More Love!!

More Love – – > More Power – – > More Love – -> More Power!! God moves when we love because that is Him. He Is Love. God’s love language is obedience. When we listen for His voice and do what He asks – even if – especially if – it doesn’t make sense, He moves. He shows off who He is through our lives and our love. Its like we are sneaky little secret agents. We are placed all over the planet so we can release the power of His love. That love calls others to arms. That love helps others see they are indeed prisoners that need a jailbreak. They see they need to Go To War to Be At Peace. Then, once they do, they walk in freedom and their free hearts and evident love attracts others and so on and so forth.

God has a plan for each of us, but if we sit on the battlefield in defeat, rehashing old crud we will miss it. Our Abba Father longs to set us free, all we need to do is turn toward Him and stop. Stop giving the enemy undue attention. Stop dutifully serving, if we are doing it to gain God’s favor. Stop trying to build our own worth with actions for God. Rather, start a War by stopping to spend time in the presence of The King and hear what He says about us.

The Time Has Come – Let’s Go To War to Be At Peace!