Do you know who you are? I mean who you REALLY are?

If you’re at all like me you may think you know and you may be trying to live up to numerous labels the world has put on you. For example, I am a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, employee, neighbor and friend. BUT – that is not all I am. In fact living by just those labels is incredibly short sited. If I live by just those labels I miss out on the reason I was created.

I was, and you were too, created for a purpose. Our lives are not accidents but rather our lives are a gift designed to fulfill a particular purpose on this planet at this particular time in history. The problem is we get weighed down by the world and its labels and expectations of who it thinks we should be. That is the wrong place to look to define us and when we only look there we fall short of living the lives we were intended to live. When we live short of who we were created to be we live in a place of boredom, frustration, irritation, confusion and even depression. That is not a fun way to walk through life and it makes every day feel like 1,000 years of pain.

The good news is there is another way to live… You and I can live INTO who we were created to be. When we live into that version of us, the true version of us, life is beautiful, powerful, exciting and fulfilling. That doesn’t mean life is easy, but it means that because we know who we are and we choose to walk in that way, we can handle whatever life throws our way.

You may be thinking – “So, how do I find out who I am?” Well, you take yourself back to your Manufacturer. 😉 Just like you cannot take an iPhone to Android Technical Services for repair/assistance, you can’t take yourself to the world to show you who you were made to be. Instead, you take yourself to the one who created you with a Divine Purpose in mind and who set your life up before the Foundations of the Earth were laid. Wouldn’t He be the One who knows best how to “repair” any misconceptions about you and help you SEE who you really are?

If it’s unclear, I am talking about God and God as the Triune God including Jesus and Holy Spirit. They cannot be separated but together they will help reset your heart, mind and spirit to your original design. Now, this is something that can be difficult to do on your own, not impossible, but difficult. If you are like me then many years of wrong thinking about yourself and others has been ingrained in your brain. Those wrong paths of thinking need to be unearthed and reset. You are a garden that needs tilling up to be refreshed. After all, God is the Gardener, as Jesus said in John 15:1: I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener.

For help in tilling up my heart, I have been going through Spirit Coaching called Living Your Legend from Numa, founded by Mike Maeshiro. Spirit Coaching is life coaching with deeper eyes. Its not just a way to figure out how to make different choices to improve your life, like most coaching programs. Rather its a way to find out who you really are and reset the deep things in your heart, mind and spirit that have been keeping you from stepping into the reality of YOU.

A huge part of this journey is writing a personal Creed. This creed stems from statements about who you were designed to be and grows from there. Last week, I finished my Creed with my coach, here it is:

I carry incredible Joy that gives me deep strength and emits from me with atmosphere exploding power. I feel God’s overwhelming and unconditional love for every single person and I will never stop fighting for it, regardless of the cost. His love ignites a fire in my belly to remove stones of religion and encourage all to rise to a higher level by falling deeper in love with Jesus. Divine Sunshine saturates me and empowers me to strike out with lightning boldness when necessary. This brilliant light I possess allows me to say things other people won’t and my unique delivery style destroys walls and releases breakthrough by using humor to disarm, then reframe old thinking patterns. My Warrior heart has conquered hell and set an intense desire within me to lead others to veracious freedom by slaying bogus beliefs and choosing to walk with Mr. Truth Himself. I refuse to stand idly by to witness the distortion of God’s character and destruction of His beloved children so I will weaponize my depth of empathy and strong discernment to help others grow into, and fall in love with, who Jesus says they are in Him. I am a Mouthpiece created to empower others and infuse them with a boldness for Jesus and His heart. It’s time to Rise Up and let Love’s Lightning Strike!

POW! How do you like me now? LOL! My Creed is a way to help me remember who I am – as I was DESIGNED to be. I’ll admit it pulls no punches and if you read that and thought “Golly she sure thinks a lot of herself”, I will agree with you 100%. I do think a lot of myself, BUT it is founded on Jesus and how He reflects and lives through me by His Holy Spirit within me. I was created in His image and He is incredible (understatement of the millennia). In fact, the more I learn about Him the more I realize how amazing I am. That may sound like pride talking but I assure you it is not. It is Truth talking. God created me (and you too) to be amazing. Denying that fact leaves me living a substandard life that feels like drudgery. I refuse to continue to live a life below the level I was designed to live and leaning into this Creed as a daily reminder helps me Choose Life, every single day.

Now, just because I have a Creed that defines me, doesn’t mean I live “struggle free”. There are several areas of my life that I am walking through that are strenuous right now. But, because I know who I am, I can walk in bold confidence that even in the difficult things, God Wastes Nothing and is building a strength in me for future battles.

Speaking of battles…. The Spirit Coaching Group is called Living Your Legend (LYL) and a part includes membership in an online Private Social Media page so we can share with others and walk through this process together. It is on a platform I personally despise – let’s call it Fake Baloney – and assume that you will know what platform I am talking about. I have issues with that platform for many reasons, which are a waste to even speak of, and am only on it for the joy of connecting with with my family all over the US and participating with this Private LYL Group.

So, after I wrote my Creed with my individual Coach (her name is Daniella and she is amazing!) I posted it within the private group page. Once I posted it, I immediately heard in my mind. “Well, you’re awfully full of yourself, aren’t you?” Ugh – that wasn’t fun. As I pushed that thought aside, knowing it was not MY thought, I checked the “stats” on my post. One person immediately LOVED it and commented, but then…. I could see that several people “viewed” it with no Likes and no Comments.

That fired up that initial thought I heard and it repeated with added emphasis, “Golly, these people think you are full of yourself too.” With the coup de gra thought being: “You are Too Much and you are Over the Top. They obviously want nothing to do with you after that obnoxious post.”

Pow – Whammy – Ouch. I hated that thought and I kept pushing it away knowing it was not truth. Yet the whole time my mind was struggling thinking – “What if that IS true and what if I am Too Much and Completely Delusional?”. Ugh again, and ya, NOT FUN!

As I struggled against those thoughts, I cried knowing they are not the truth yet feeling like I was “Too Much”. I prayed and talked to Jesus and just tried to be still and not let it bother me. But, it did, and then….God Showed Up!

I have a friend who lives in Minnesota and haven’t texted with him since April, but there right in the midst of my struggle, he texted me this picture of lightning striking near his house.

Are You Kidding Me?!?!?!?!?!?!? Considering the lines in my Creed that talked about Lightning and Striking I was wholly and completely BLOWN AWAY! My tears of condemnation and frustration were replaced by more tears of absolute love and joy. I FELT the Presence of the Lord ON me and I felt His Love for me. He confirmed to me through this perfectly timed text that He agrees with my Creed. He knows how He designed me and being Sunshine with a Little bit of Lightning is a 100% accurate description of me.

This happened a week ago and it is still overwhelming to think about. It brings joy filled tears to my eyes to know that God Knows Me and God Loves Me in a deeper way than I could ever possibly fathom. What a Beautiful Revelation!

Again, does this mean my life is trouble free? Absolutely not! However, it means that I know, without a doubt, my life has a Purpose and I have the Biggest Backer of All Time standing behind me cheering me on, one lightning bolt at a time!

Blessings and love to you, my friend. May you allow God to woo you to His heart so He can reveal how He designed you and release you to live life and live it to the full!

If you’d like to join in on a beautiful journey of finding out your true design so you can live out your legend, I highly encourage you to check out the Coaching available from Mike Maeshiro’s Numa organization. There are many other resources, as well, and I recommend ALL of them but if you want to dig in and find out who you REALLY are, Living Your Legend is the way to go.