S-L-O-W: Slow

Those 4 letters placed in that order might simultaneously be bringing both a beautiful reminder and firing anxiety up the wazoo!

In our fast paced society, slow has often been labeled as worthless and makes people, that enjoy a slow pace, feel like they are missing out on what’s really going on in the ‘real world’ or even worse, like they are just ‘in the way’ of the movers and shakers.

What if the reverse is true? What if the fast paced folks are the ones missing out? What if taking it slow equates to many more satisfying moments of peace and health?

I started hearing “slow down” in my spirit in 2012. I started listening that year, a little bit at least, then more so in the years that followed.

I chose to change jobs to slow down, and chose to accept the pay reduction that accompanied that choice. I chose to remove myself from commitments that weren’t life giving and pour into my own heart so I could pour into others.

It was difficult. People didn’t understand and because I had lived at breakneck speed all those years, I still have people tell me they don’t call me because they ‘know how busy I am’ and don’t want to bother me. Huh!? I wonder how many time constraint free chats I’ve missed out on? 😉

As I reflect over the past 10 years, I see that everywhere I have chosen ‘Slow’ instead of ‘Speed of Sound’ pace the choice I made was one of the best of my life. It has led me to a place of incredible Peace and Joy, even in the midst of chaos in our world.

Take this picture, for instance. This is a still shot of Hummingbirds warring in mid air. It’s stolen from a super slow-mo video I took, but do you know how patient I had to be to catch that video? Extremely Patient! 😉

Ten years ago, I don’t know that I would have had the patience to stand there, idly doing ‘nothing’, according to the world, in order to catch that video.

When I started taking time to slow down, my heart and mind shifted. Every moment now is an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of creation and the true beauty of life. I don’t even care if I have to stand in a long line as it gives me opportunity to look around and take in the world around me.

Ever sit with a friend who had ALL the time in the world just to visit with you? Feels pretty good, huh?

Ever notice the moms or dads walking & enjoying their little ones as you slowly drive past on the street? That feels pretty good, too and there’s so much more…

Slowing down from the furious pace, which I had learned was how I had to behave, has made me a new creation. It’s not easy, let me make that clear, but it’s worth the struggle to find it.

Don’t believe the hype that fast is best and don’t buy into the lie that slow is sloth. There is a slowness calling you…a breath of relief in the darkness, a warm cup of wholeness waiting for you in the quiet.

Take time today to stop scrolling, turn your ringer off, put your device away and just BE.

Take that walk.
Make that cup of tea and sit still.
Call that friend to chat, with no time constraints.

Even if it feels uncomfortable, I can promise you that your mind, body and spirit will thank you.




Much Love to You in Your Slowness Roll Today.

P.S. I spent 4 hours with a girlfriend yesterday just sitting on the edge of my clawfoot tub together while soaking our feet, masking our faces (the fun kind of mask) and chatting and connecting without a care in the world. Does it mean we didn’t have a care in the world? Nope, it means we chose, in that time frame, to slow down and connect and it was all kinds of delightful.

I learned things about my friend (I’ve known her for 17 years) that I never knew just because she and I took the time to slow down. I feel zero regret for spending that time with her and we are now connected in a deeper way that has built up the foundation of our friendship. Time well spent indeed!