I was soaking in a Super Hot Epsom salt infused bath the other night and instead of a ‘Bubbles and Blue Notes’ playlist I have been playing of late, I was inspired to listen to a song I adored from the late 90’s called “100% Pure Love” – by Crystal Waters.

As I listened to that “oldie” I was refreshed and at rest in the joy of dancing IN my bath. That song reminded me of a time in my life when I began running for exercise and would play it incessantly on repeat because the beat was just SO fantastic. Give it a listen here, if ya like.

After that song a random YouTube video started playing with more fantastic beats from the 90’s era. Each beat made me dance even more. (Need I remind you I was IN the bathtub? 🙂 ) That made for an interesting time for my phone in the splash zone and for my kitten sitting on the rug next to the tub. (you are welcome for that short Dr. Seuss rhyme 😉 )

Moving to that music infused me with Joy. Sure, the delicious glass of red wine may have helped but the Joy Flowed from the Melodic Music and Movement not from the magic of the vine. Moving to that music set me longing for a good old fashioned Dance Party. It made me want to go back in time to a place where I just danced for hours til my hair and clothes were wet with sweat. 

If you haven’t enjoyed times like that, don’t fret. You don’t have to be in a night club to enjoy sweaty dance parties, just crank it up in your home and shake the money maker God gave ya! I guarantee, you won’t go to bed crabby or saddy after that. (oof, sorry, tried to force a Dr. Seuss Rhyme that time – not so good! 😉 )

But, never fear, if dancing is not your style you can choose to have fun doing any number of things. Maybe you enjoy hiking or needlepoint or underwater basket weaving? Whatever it is that brings you joy, I am here to encourage you to DO IT!

You don’t need a “Special Occasion” to do something fun, you merely need breath in your lungs. Take time for FUN, you’ll never regret it…unless perhaps your “fun” ends up with you in jail or the hospital. But, even then, won’t it be a great story that you’d laugh at later?!?

Do you think it sounds silly to encourage you to have fun? I don’t think it is silly at all, but rather it is a necessity of life. We so easily get lost in our ToDo lists from day to day. DO-ing this or DO-ing that, tasks that need doing for sure, but are you filling your time with DO-ing instead of BE-ing?

BE-ing entails being in touch with your inner self. Taking time for yourself, loving you as you. Resting, relaxing, perhaps running or sunning? One of my favorites is just sitting, enjoying a cuppa joe or glass of wine with zero “to dos” on my mind. (man, the Dr. Seuss Rhymes are just flowing!)

I encourage you to take time to just BE and take in the true beauty of the world. Whether you live in the Swiss Alps or a Concrete Jungle there is beauty ALL around, just waiting to be beholden and admired.

You’ve perhaps heard the question: “If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?” Along that same line, I ask: “If beauty goes unadmired, did it actually take place?”

I encourage you to not get lost in day to day duties and miss the point of living. Stop and enjoy each moment, even if, maybe especially if, it has you shouting an expletive. 😉

To help remind us of the fun we’ve had this year, my hubby and are doing a simple exercise. Each week we each write down our favorite memory of the past week and throw it in a jar. We will dump out that jar and read through it on New Year’s Eve this year.

What we write are moments that mean something to each of us, moments we had FUN. We don’t discuss our favorite memory of the week and I’d bet that our favorite memories are often not the same. We are wired differently and thus enjoy different things. Neither of our memories from each week will be “more valid” or “more fun”. Rather they will reflect how each of us has been wired to appreciate life and remind us of a time when we did just that.

I’d guess the majority of our favorite memories will have to do with each other or with chilling with family or friends. I gotta say, after tonight’s musical interlude, bath time, dance party, my goal will be to have a group Dance Party on at least one, if not more, of my weekly faves.

If I was a bettin’ girl, and in this case I would 100% bet, I would bet that Absolutely ZERO of our favorite memories will be the nights we got our buns stuck on the couch and binge watched TV. I’m not dissing on TV, we do enjoy some programs together and do receive joy from watching them. I just know that we receive LOADS more joy from interacting with each other and with our friends and family.

In case anyone is wondering what this has to do with Jesus, I would say EVERYTHING!! He died so we could have life and have it to the FUN, right?! Well, the verse (John 10:10) actually says “FULL”, but isn’t a Full Life a Fun Life? Do you think Jesus wants us to lead boring lives never laughing or loving? How would we EVER point folks to Him without Fun??!!??!!

So, to you, I offer up the challenge to Have Fun!

Have it the Day,

Have it in the Night,

Have it Any Time,

It Feels Just Right!

Did you REALLY think I wouldn’t end with a Dr. Seuss Rhyme?! I HAD to, it was just Too Much Fun!! 😉

Please Cut Loose and Have Fun! If you’re up for sharing, send me a comment of what you did for fun!

Time to Have FUN!