Sharing lessons and thoughts about my body, mind and spirit as I grow forward every day.

About Me

My name is Pamela Jensen. I live in Oregon with my wonderful husband and our “fur-babies”. This blog is a place for me to share my thoughts in the hope that you will walk away encouraged to think deep thoughts without fear and that you’d walk away knowing you are fully loved, always, exactly as you are.

I was raised in a very strict Christian denomination that left me in a world of hurt when it came to actually understanding God and their* love for me. (*their is the pronoun I use when referring to God)

I grew up thinking God was mad at me and I would never measure up to their standards. I also grew up thinking everyone who didn’t go to my exact church/denomination was going to hell. YIKES!

I recall laying awake in bed when I was 8 years old thinking, “Why is my friend Brooke going to hell because she goes to a different church?” It didn’t make sense.

I knew, even at that early age, that type of exclusion thinking was wrong, but without the critical thinking capability of an adult, I couldn’t sort out that wrong theology. It left me confused and after continuing, and being confirmed, in that church for 10 more years I was steeped even deeper into the wrong thinking patterns I was taught.

Fast forward 40 years, now I am walking in a place of love, peace and joy because I have an intimate relationship with the person of Jesus. This was not allowed or encouraged by the denomination I was raised in.

After I walked away from ALL things God Related I came into contact with God’s true character and true heart of love for everyone.

Now there is no turning back.

I cannot go back to a place of finger pointing and exclusion of those that don’t know Jesus or don’t believe the same things I do. It actually baffles me to see how some people who claim to follow and love Jesus do/say things that are so contrary to his heart.

Many current denominations/theologies teach things that come from a place of deep fear or hatred. They are blinded by years of being steeped in wrong thinking of duty/rule following based love from God. They think they have to perform to receive their love and that leaves them in a state of fear and performance based grace. Or they come from a place of fear of thinking or exploring beyond the “box” in which they have been told God lives. Too many people are afraid to encounter God, one on one, often choosing the safety of a mediator (i.e. a priest or pastor) to tell them about God instead of having their own unique experience with them.

That breaks my heart because there is beautiful love, growth and intimacy that results from a personal relationship with God.

Now I have to say this: that beautiful intimacy doesn’t come from a once a week feeding of someone else’s thoughts and, I’ll boldly say, it doesn’t come from a solely Bible based place either.

God is so much bigger than the Bible and while the Bible can be a connection point to see parts of their heart it is reliant on our interpretation of the Bible and the lenses through which we view it. I am certain I don’t have to tell you there are many “Bibles” and even more interpretations of the verses contained within each Bible.

Anywho, I digress…

This blog was originally a place for me to share how I believed in order to bring encouragement to others. Now in reflecting back, I think it was also a place to get you to believe what I believe.

That isn’t the case today. In fact, I bet if I were to go back and read past blogs I might cringe with what I wrote because it doesn’t line up with what I believe today.

I have considered reading each old blog and updating or deleting to make sure all fits within my current framework. But, I think that would be a disservice. This blog (at least at this time) will remain as is. It can stand as a historical walk through my faith journey.

I imagine there are people that are where I used to be and my words written back then, might be exactly what they need to hear today. So, this blog is still intended to encourage but now the encouragement is to grow in your love for yourself and others.

It is also intended to be a place for me to continue to unpack my personal walk.

My walk may not be for everyone and that is ok by me. My goal is to represent me, as me, with no suppression or filter on my words. I don’t want to limit my words because of potential fall out, rather I want to share my heart as messily and honestly as I possibly can and encourage others to do the same.

Thanks for being here, I hope you find encouragement and deep love in these little digital letters.

Sharing below one of my favorite bible verses of all time:

Isaiah 40:31

But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. What a beautiful women you are . Through life meet people, many of them, but some put an imprint of love like no other. I believe in spiritual things and not many have been open to express themselves in such a brave, encouraging way. Your site is as beautiful as I could only have imagined !! Thank you for walking by my path and bringing blessings and imprints.
    So much love and blessings to you and yours!
    Rachel ❤️
    God has a name mentioned in Psalms 83:18. It is Yahweh meaning Jehovah and I love him so much .


    1. Oh Rachel, you bless me deeply! All Glory goes to God as He kept you in my heart and mind. You imprinted on me as well and I was thankful for your kind heart and gentle spirit.

      Many blessings to you and yours and May Yahweh continue to show Himself to you so you grow in deeper love for Him in a new and Mighty Way! 😘💜


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